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Reef Summer Training Camp Monday June 27th - Friday, July 22nd Email reefvbc@gmail.com to Register
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Reef 2022/2023 Girls Tryouts

Commitment Day

Girls 15U-18U is Tuesday, July 26, 2022 

Girls 10U-14U is Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Boys 15U-18U is Tuesday, September 13, 2022


Reef Junior Spiker Program


                              Wednesdays, 5:00pm-6:00pm                                  
Contact us at Reefvbc@gmail.com to register


2022  Sessions Coming Soon!



2022  Sessions Coming Soon!


Additional Information

If you do not currently have an active USAV/SCVA membership, please purchase a Tryout Membership prior to tryouts. 
If you have an SCVA membership from the 2021/2022 season, your membership does not expire until August 31, 2022.
The $20 Tryout Membership fee is not an additional fee-it is part of the pre-existing $70 USAV/SCVA player membership fee that is paid annually by each player to USAV/SCVA. 
The tryout fee is separate from the Reef VBC tryout fee . If you are attending multiple tryouts, you only need one USAV/SCVA Tryout Membership-it is a one-time purchase. 
The Tryout Membership covers the athletes in the event of injury.  Without this membership, players will not be covered under USAV/SCVA insurance.  This membership can be upgraded to a full season membership at any time. The upgraded membership will be required to join any club. 
For new players, without a current SCVA membership, please follow these instructions to purchase your tryout membership:

When purchasing membership for a player that is a minor (DOB on or after 7/1/2003) take the following steps.

  1. Create or sign in to a household account in the name of a parent/legal guardian when you click on the link to membership--https://www.sportsengine.com/
  2. To purchase Tryout Membership (valid only for July tryouts for girls 15 and over age divisions at this time) go to the following link: Tryout Membership
  3. On "Who Is This For" click Add Child  or click the name of the child if already in the list of people in the household account.
  4. Add and verify player's information to buy the membership.

To Obtain Electronic Membership ID:

  1. Log into SportsEngine.com
  2. Click on Household
  3. Click on the box containing the name of person for whom you want to print the membership card.
  4. To the right of the profile information for that individual, see the membership information.
  5. Click the wallet symbol in the right hand corner of membership information.
  6. Click Add to Apple Wallet (works best if on an iPhone) or click Add to Google Pay (better option on computer but requires a log in to a gmail/google account).
  7. Follow steps to add and/or print Membership ID.


2022-2023 CLUB SEASON

18U Division
Born After 07/01/03

17U Division
Born After 07/01/05

16U Division
Born After 07/01/06

15U Division
Born After 07/01/07

14U Division
Born After 07/01/08

13U Division
Born After 07/01/09

12U Division
Born After 07/01/010

11U Division
Born After 07/01/11



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Recent News

Reef adds Ambassador Scholarship Program

By Reef VBC 02/24/2020, 12:00pm PST

This scholarship program is designed for high school-level volleyball players, ages 16 and over, looking to help share their love of volleyball with our local youth.  Participating in team sports provides physical, mental and social benefits for children.  Sports help build self-esteem, teach leadership skills and teamwork, and provide a fun outlet for stress relief.  As a Reef Ambassador, you will coach and mentor young, up-and-coming athletes and aid in the development of both volleyball and life skills.  This is an excellent opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and become a positive role model to these younger players.        


Please contact us for more details.

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